What’s Push Connect Notify 2017 Edition? You have website, landing page, eCom store, or sales page… and it’s probably really pretty, with nice videos and graphics.. 

And you probably have some really outdated opt in box on the right hand side OR you’re using some “pop up technology” that only works 50% of the time and is often ignored..

That’s why today, i’m excited to show you Push Connect Notify 2017.

Here’s the reality of things.

Push Connect Notify 2017

Push Connect Notify 2017 – How it works?

Push Connect Notify Automation Pro  (2017 Edtition) is a push notification app that’s designed by a marketer, for marketers, which allows you to leverage a powerful technology already built into your visitors computer..

An UNBLOCKABLE technology that you customize by color, words, and logo.. with even an optional email capture!

It’s all explained and revealed in this demo here.


PLUS – it allows you to communicate and send “blasts” to re-engage and send your visitor to ANY site..

You may have already seen this in action on popular sites like CNN, eBay, YouTube or more..

And now you can have it on your website – Start by checking it out right here: https://peopleworld.info/pushconnectnotify

If you’re serious about capturing 100% of your traffic, then you need to STOP what you’re doing and grab this tool now..

Just one line of code is all it requires and you can send unlimited “blasts!”

Push Connect Notify 2017
OR you can use even use the 1 click wordpress or 1 step shopify app!

Go see it in action and STOP using old technology today!

P.S. You don’t need any technical skills or knowledge to use this. It’s literally “copy and paste” simple.

Go see Push Connect Notify 2017 in action now: https://peopleworld.info/pushconnectnotify


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