Push Connect Notify

Well, what if there was a brand new avenue to talk to customers that 95% of the competition is missing out on… that would be HUGE.

Fortunately for YOU, this is all possible with Push Connect Notify! Learn more here: https://goo.gl/V90CuZ

Push Connect Notify allows you to capture push subscribers all with just a simple pasting of one line of code into your website.

Once you do that, BOOM you are done and you can start sending out browser push notifications to your customers.

Push Connect Notify: So simple

Add rocket fuel to your business and watch those sales skyrocket with this ingenious and influential tool.
Stringently tested to work on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, Push Connect Notify comes primed and ready to be implemented into the most sophisticated of sites.
Click here to See it in Action: https://goo.gl/V90CuZ


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