Cory Bernardi

Renegade senator Cory Bernardi has quit the Liberal Party, railing against the “out-of-touch political class” and promising his new Australian Conservatives party would restore faith in politics.

But his resignation has drawn withering attacks from former colleagues, with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull suggesting the senator should do the honourable thing and resign from the Senate, senior South Australian colleague Simon Birmingham accusing him of a “dog act” and Liberal Senate leader George Brandis declaring he had broken faith with Liberal voters who had elected him.

But the former Liberal senator, who has delivered another hit to Mr Turnbull’s ailing government and who was verbally carpet-bombed by furious ex-colleagues on Tuesday, has no intention of quitting.

Cory Bernardi breaks silence

“The body politic is failing the people of Australia. It is clear that we need to find a better way. The level of public disenchantment with the major parties, the lack of confidence in our political process and the concern about the direction of our nation is very, very strong,” he told the Senate, announcing his resignation.



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