Diet, weight loss: Stress? Take it easy!

Diet, weight loss: Stress? Take it easy!

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I’m sure so many people are tired of trying diet and sometimes have stress because of finding out the way to loosing weight. Why do you only think diet and weight loss is terrible things? Experts say all you need is taking it easily on loosing weight and diet activities.

There are so many people having stress when making a long list of exercises and reminders for eating times. Stress may be make you gain weight again and every thing is the “circle”.

The first, you must know that why everybody gain weight. Because you have been eating more than your body need. More calories, more pounds which your body weights. So, the first thing I want to say that you have to eat every things right way.

“Yes, I know, but how?” – You may be have a question.

The solution is what do you eat. Doctors supposed eating is the most important way can helping you loose weight and “say good bye” stress.

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You need replace fat intake with healthy foods. Don’t eat much aninaml fats, butter or whole milk, meats and any foods which contain cholesterol. Eat more vegetable, or kind of foods which have saturated fat. But, you must find out the foods you love, or try yourself like these foods. You enjoy, neither endure it.

Besides, we know water is so necessary for your health, expecially for diet and weight loss.

Experts recommend that every body should drink 2.2 liters of water per day, about 9 cups of water for having toned body, slim, and effective weight loss.

The second, you should forget the words as “workout” or “exercise”. You never weight loss without stress if you always do the things which you do not like. People also talk about paleo diet, the weight loss method which set the meals on the right way, right time. You can read a well ebook called Paleo Factor.

Instead of doing exercises, you can choose the another way for burning calories as walking while listening music or go down and up stairs. Treats all exercises as regular activities. You also go to the beach, swimming or riding bicycle, chasing your cute dog… Do all exercise like a part of your life.

Hope you weight loss without stress, enjoying your life with good health and beauty.


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