Special men who bring curiousness to people around the world?

Special men who bring curiousness to people around the world?

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There were many mysterious cases which were happened in the past. And enigmatic things of them is motivation for people to learn about the facts. Howerver, many questions have hadn’t answers. They have a impact of history and there isn’t any theory which can explain. Because of this, they fascinate people around the world. And below list contains 10 names of men who are emerged with bizarre features. Their stories are always interesting:

Wolf Messing – Strange psychic

Lights of Human Mind wolf messing

Wolf Messing was born  in the town of Gora Kalwaria , southeast of Warsaw, Poland. When he was child, he had special power, he could could alter people’s perceptions and predict future. Because of this, he became a famous psychic. He showed many times and demonstrate his special power before crowded people. The most famous act of him was finding hidden objects. The first he would enter a trance-like state and attempt to find by using special power of psychic. He was known in many countries and in his some shows, there was an attendtion of Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud. But in 1937, he give a prediction about dying of Adolf Hitler, he would die if he ever threatened Russia. This pediction made Hitler very angry therefore Messing might flee to Russia. At here, he continued to show and he was famous around the world when accepted a challenge: He might tell cash which was put at a bank without any information. All he had a white paper and he predict cash exactly. Then he became a teacher of KGB.

Messing’s life was chronicled in an autobiography titled About Myself. In this book, he said that although he could predict future and his ability contradicted materiallist. But he asserted that this was a small particle of  the unknowable or supernatural about precognition. He was died in 1974.

Adam Rainer: The first is the shortest man then the biggest man

Adam Rainer: The first is the shortest man then the biggest man

Adam Rainer was born in Graz, Austria in 1899. In during his life, the biggest problem was size of body. According to historical records, when he was 19 years old, his size is very short, he was only 1,4 meters, but in many others sources, he was only 1,1 meters in 21 years old. The his health of this period was very bad. He was thin, weak, and showed signs of dwarfism. Howerver, he had a big feets. Then there was a sudden mutation, his size was increased fastly. His arms, legs, hands, and feet exploded in size and his health deteriorated. Doctors suggested that he had a tumor in his pituitary gland and this made size of him developed during his life. He had troubles for eating and walking. Althougt he moved tumor but everything was no changed. He was died in 1950s, and his hight was written about 2,34 meters. He is the man who are both special cases: the shortest person and the biggest person.

Anorld Paole: A Vampire

Anorld Paole: A Vampire Close up of a vampire woman's mouth

In 18th centuries , at southeastern Europe many people believed in the existence of vampires because of special event. In 1726, histoical documentations were written by mark from dying of Arnold Paole at the village of Meduegna. There was special thing which was happened and made many people fair, since this time, many people had been seeing his undied body in many places . The situation caused panic in Serbia and officials called for the help of two Austrian military doctors, Glaser and Flückinger. Afer researching, they concluded that Paole was a vampire and his body killed 4 others people. They digged up a grave of Anorld Paole and discovered fresh blood from his eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. His body was burred with a stake in heart.

Sidney Gottlied – Black sorcerer

Holding Syringe in Hand - Psychedelic Effect Sidney Gottlied - Black sorcerer

Sidney Gottlieb was born in 1918 and he had a others name: oseph Scheider. He was talent and received a PhD in chemistry from Caltech in researching lethal poisons. After he was graduated, he became a expert about biological warfare and had a special work at CIA. In 1951, he joined Project MKULTRA. This was savage and cruel experiences because he carried out a chemistry experiments on human bodies directly instead of using white mouses. Gottlieb organized experiments in which humans were used as guinea pigs with main purpose to control and constrain others mind.Because of his Wickedness, he had a nickname: “ Black sorcerer” or “ dirty tricker”.

He also joined in others projects such as: peration Midnight Climax, this was terrible project. In this project CIA purchased houses in San Francisco, Marin, and New York. Then they hired prostitutes. They lurked and drugged them, and then had sex while Gottlieb and others observed from behind two-way mirro. These experiences brought to many results for researching and adjust dosage of drugs to control human’s mind.

He was related to many assassinations such as: Fidel Castro, General Abdul Karim Qassim’s handkerchief ,the Prime Minister of the Congo, Patrice Lumumba. Until now, no any documentary has shown time to die of him.


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