Travelling with pets: It’great experience

Travelling with pets: It’great experience

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Travelling with pets

Contrary to normal thought of majority, pets are only in  backyard or inside a house, a man break through this and travel with his pet. When you see below photograph, I think that anyone also recognize his happiness. He have many great experiences which makes make people jealous and admire. They are very cute and you can’t find more perfect couple anywhere.

Mr Kelly Lund, who is in photograph enunciate his point of view that he hate seeing dogs whom are confined and hang about in house all day.He believes that dogs are good friends and they areworthy to be observe. ‘You can create special memories with your pets’ he says and he demonstrates that travelling with dogs is right decision.

Dog which you see in photograph is Loki. He is an Arctic wolf/husky/malamute mix. Not only big size but also he is very smart. Please feel his happiness when he travel with his master. In order to save great experience about Loki, Kelly Lund take many photographs during journey and creat a Instagram account to share and it’s amazed he has more than 350.000 followers tracking his account. There isn’t distance between Kelly Lund and all we see that they are close friends. Kelly Lund is an outdoor adventure professional, because of this Loki has many opportunities to go outdoor with him. Completing penetration, we can see many difference places and this couple has many naturallly beautiful landscapes such as: mountain top, glade, waterfall…..etc….

Please contemplate some photographs of them:

“I am serious dog!” Travelling with pet
“I am serious dog!”
 Travelling with pet
“No cold because of me”.
Travelling with pet “No cold because of me”.
“Am I handsome?”
Travelling witjh pets
“My boss, I love you so much”
Travelling with pets
“I am number one!”

Travelling with pets

Don’t think that pets are pet, you won’t miss wonderful things and regret when you don’t your pet going out. Please feel and listen heart of them. Although pets can’t say but they still show that how they love you…!

Travelling with pets, why not?


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